Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mini Vaca to Austin...

only 4 days until Lily Kate & I venture off to Austin. We are embarking on our 1st annual "Girl Trip" to visit Sarah & Piper.

I am such a nerd... I have been to Austin lots of times, but I find myself "googling" things I can't wait to do. Things I have done 5 times before... but this time feel even more fun! I can not go to Austin in the summer without eating at the Hula Hut. I love it when they say it will be an hour wait & we have to sit out on the lake until there is room.
I just spent the last hour getting Lily's Disney mp3 player loaded up with songs only a 5 year old can love. So, she can listen to her favs & I can have mine- everyone wins! I am planning on hitting the outlet stores in Round Rock and/or Hillsboro to load up on back-to-school clothes for all.
Sarah & Piper are super fun! I am sure I will have oodles of girly pictures when I get home.
Random note- I am going to a Lasik consultation tomorrow- not sure how I feel about it. It's a little scary, but as a photographer- I need it!
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

When the kids are away- the mommy will play!

I had fun today girls! I hate that school is starting again so soon. I wish we could play all the time!!!post signature

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cousins Camp- GR8 in 08!!!

It has officially begun! Today is the 1st day of Stork Cousin Camp. My sweet, precious children will be gone for 5 whole nights. So, don't call too early- I will be sleeping in. Don't call too late- Donald & I will be out. I can't wait to hear how their week goes... thanks so much Bubba & Nana!
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Everyone needs to click on Summer Kei to the right & read her post about the Sabbath. It touched me for sure. I have felt so scatter-brained & out of touch spiritually lately. I know I have not taken real time out for Him in such a long time. I teach Lily's Wednesday night class & Donald & I work in Children's Worship- but I feel like I can do those things with my eyes closed. And the funny thing is- I do do those things with my eyes closed.
Summer has always been great to keep me grounded. We have been friends since our sophomore year at ACU. So, for 11 (or 12- what's my age again?) years I have loved hearing her view on things. Everyone needs a Summer in their life.
This is a picture of some of my best friends from my Abilene days. (Summer is the 3rd from the left). It was taken at Julia's bridal luncheon the summer after our Senior year. I love this picture. I had to take it out of it's 10 year old frame to scan it. I miss them dearly!
Go read Summer's blog... see if you need a Sabbath!
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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

Viente Ocho!!!!

Happy Birthday to Sarah Elizabeth!
Your present will be there late, of course... I like to drag birthdays out. I say- Keep the party going! Can't wait to hear about your trip to Colorado. I love you!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

rain, rain...would not go away...

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Celebrate Libby Day!

I really need to get back to being crazy blogger. I love this blog! I love reading all of my friends blogs.
These pictures (I know there are too many... I could post more!) are from our trip to San Antonio for "Celebrate Libby" Day! My mom & her sister + 2 brothers put a lot of time in to planning this huge surprise for my Grandmother. Everything was beautiful, but we did not get to fully enjoy it because it rained. G.G. said that it hadn't rained since last September. They needed it- we just wish it had held off for 2 more days. My mom had enlarged all these pics of her life (so far) & hung them in the trees. There were dozens of red, white & blue balloons in the pool that blew away in the rain. And so much more. We moved the party inside- still so fun, but I LOVE being in their backyard. It's perfect!

Grampa Will & my uncle Corky (who flew in from Florida)

The cutest mom & dad ever

My aunt Karen, the birthday girl & mom

Beautiful cousins Brittany & Hailey

The cake- made by mom, of course

Corky as "Jay Leno" hosting our festivities

G.G. is a poet. Karen had a photo album made with one of her lines engraved on the front. So sweet!

Donald & Dad playing Bocci Ball- the official game of the weekend.

Uncle Alan's family...Dawn, Alan, Jennifer, Leslie & Chris

In the freezing pool.... these kids love each other!
I can't wait to go back....until next time, G.G.- I love you! You deserved every minute of that party (& even more!)
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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Here's Lookin' at you Babe!

We had a surprise birthday party for my Sweet Gramma Libby-now known as G.G. (very cute- it suits her!)CELEBRATE LIBBY DAY! More pictures to come soon- we just got in from San Antonio today. I am super tired & I hear the laundry calling my name... I will be back (said in my best Terminator voice)!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Locked Up For 4 Days!

The air conditioner has been broken in poor Donald's car for a while. So, we put it in the shop on Monday morning. They said it would be ready on Tuesday. Okay- no big deal- I can do that. It was not ready until 5 pm on Thursday. I left the house Tuesday to have dinner with Donald & one of his patients. Then, for 30 min. on Wednesday to buy milk. So, my kiddos & I were trapped in our own home for 4 days!!!
I decided to make lemonade with these lemons... I am proud to say that my house is on a whole 'nother level of clean. I actually took EVERYTHING out of all 3 kids closets... sorted through it... then nice & neatly put it back (the boys helped!) I reorganized my closet. There are now a few shelves with nothing on them. I borrowed a friend's pressure washer to clean the porches. So fun! I feel this awesome sense of peace. It sounds silly, but I really do feel this great calm. Now- my next task is to get back in to the routine of cooking. Is this hard for anyone else? I can not seem to get that worked in to my day. (I like cooking,but I don't like that may kids hardly eat- so, it seems like a waste of time.) I will let you know how this goes.
While we were stuck at home- Ethan begged me to color his hair black. He wishes to have dark hair- not be so blond. So, we found our hair color from Halloween & wah-lah... here is Ethan with black hair... blondes do have more fun!
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