Friday, November 30, 2007


This morning I awoke & what did I see?
I missed your birthday- Oh! Silly Me.
I hope your day was fun. I hope it was great.
Hopefully, you & Sarah went on a date.
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Friday, November 23, 2007

Elf Yo' Self...

Elf man & Wife
Ethan, Jack & Lily Kate "elfersizing"
You have to go check this out- so funny. I can't take credit though- Laura, Travis & Reese did it first. Theirs is hilarious!

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic!!!
elf yo' self
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My cousins on my dad's side... I am looking forward to Cousins Camp with you guys in May!!!
My uncle Scott & E-Man

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy...

I bet this picture caught the attention of all my old PR buddies...and the 1st one is of our friends from church (one of Lily Kate's classmates). Aren't they cute!?! (and the kids aren't bad either- ha ha!)
If you are up way past your bedtime and want something else to keep you awake tonight -go see some of my new pictures. You can blame me for your grumpiness tomorrow!
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Sunday, November 18, 2007

I am a Celebrity... reader! All of you out there that have kiddos in elementary school know that this past week was National Book Week. Ethan & Jack's school did a fabulous job of playing it up. They had something great every day of the week to celebrate reading. I got to go and read with them for "Latte in the Library" one of the days. And on another- I got to be a "celebrity reader". Now- brace yourselves- I have no pictures to show for this. But I want to tell you the short version of how this went down... I decided to read 2 of the new books from the Skippyjohn Jones series. Hilarious books! I now know from experience that if you have a 2nd grader or below- run out and find these books. I read them to Jack's class & they loved it! They were chiming in to read along with me and clapping at appropriate times. Jack said some of the kids even acted it out at recess. I was a hit. They think I am fun!!! So, I'm feelin' good as trot from Jack's class down to the 4th grade hall to read to Ethan & his friends. Not the same for them. I got a few courtesy laughs. They were polite, but I could see that I was embarrassing Ethan with my voices. So, it begins... one of many times I will embarrass my kids. Isn't it our right as parents??? Anyone who knew me growing up knows I have paid my dues. (Just kidding dad- We had a lot of fun because you were YOU!)
On Friday, Lily Kate got to dress as her favorite book character. She was the cutest Angleina Ballerina ever!
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My neck hurts!

...and I kind of like it! My neck hurts because I was blessed enough to do 7 (yes, seven) photo sessions this weekend- that was the fun part. Now I must sit in front of my computer for infinity and get all of these pics up on my website for viewing. But, like I said- I am glad!
Other than workin'- we are getting ready for the holidays. I have shopped a little (with my mama) and the kids have had projects that had to be done before the break. To all of my teacher friends out there- no me gusta projects!!! And to all of my Spanish friends out there- pardon my spanglish.
Lily had the most adorable Thanksgiving program/ feast at her school. I love her teacher! I want to be in her class. Enjoy all of the random pics- some are of our fam. and some are what I have edited thus far!
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Sunday, November 11, 2007

"Just Shoot Me"

These are 4 sweet brothers that we go to church with. They were a blast to shoot! Who doesn't like spending the day with such cute boys!
Thanks to those of you that kept me in your prayers (my 3 faithful readers) this weekend. I had alot of fun! I love my job... and that is a blessing for sure!
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Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'll have more pictures, please.

I wanted to take more pics of the kids because I just had to try out my new pettiskirt (Lily) I bought to use for my girlie portrait sessions. I had to take the kids to the park afterward... then to Burger King because they have the new Spongebob toys just to get them to SMILE one more time... I will have to use something that I have already taken of them for our Christmas cards- I can't make them pose one more time. On the flip side of that- sometimes Lily will call my name & when I go to her- she is striking a pose & says, "You can use this one mom!" She is a model in training...
Keep me in your thoughts & prayers today. I am doing my 1st portrait session in about an hour for someone who liked my "work" on my website and booked an appointment. They have 4 children (1 of them is a newborn). I can't wait. I am blogging just to make the time go by more quickly so that I can go!!!!
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Sunday, November 4, 2007



Raise your hand if you know my sister, Lindsey. If you are raising your hand- you will love this story... We are trying to park downtown. 1st Lindsey drives the wrong way on a one way street (just for a second- no one was hurt). The parking attendant sees the whole thing... then teases Lindsey about not being with it. She teases back (the man was not all there). We park. He calls us over so that Lindz can put the money in the machine to get a parking stub out. He grabs her arm and positions her in front of the machine, pushes a random green button, and tells her to smile for the camera. She doesn't believe there is a camera, but decides to smile anyway. Guess what - there was no camera. We thought we were on candid camera or something. The funniest part was- we weren't. This older man (who had met us only minutes before) just thought it would be great to mess with Lindz. How did he know that she is so fun to tease? What if she hadn't been as laid back? Well, if she wasn't who she is then none of that probably would've happened. This is why it is always fun to hang out with her. She makes everything feel like a party! feels good to be a gangsta! (mom driving with seat laid back... one of the many funny events of the evening)
You have not heard the birthday song until you have heard it Stork style!

her favorite gift was probably her Romo jersey from my dad.
I love you, mom! You are the best! I had a great night out with you!
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Thursday, November 1, 2007


Go check out my new website (or else)...

Jack Sparrow, Lily the cheerleader & Ethan the (Burger) KING!

"Witchy Women"

This is where Lily Kate always ends up when walking is involved.

Our trick or treatin' friends: Robin,Travis, Quinn & Hayden
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