Monday, December 15, 2008

Since I've been gone...

I am not sure why these uploaded in the opposite order that I wanted them to. I meant to start with Thanksgiving & work my way to this picture. But I guess we will start from here & work our way back... That seems to be my life these days. Not a bad thing- I just feel a little upside down most of the time.
Okay- this picture was taken on Saturday- by Jack. We were outside making s'mores over Donald's new fire pit he got for his bday (thanks mom & dad). Our crazy dogs ate Lily Kate's class pet (Wilbur the stuffed walrus) that we were entrusted with for the weekend. Ugh! He's still got it!!!!

These pics start Ethan's 11th Birthday party. We took 2 carloads of kids to see Bolt at the Movie Tavern- so fun!!! (Tony, Ethan, Connor & Jesse)
Ethan & "his girls"- Landri & Jaylee

at the movie...

Late night basketball...
We got to keep sweet Rowan for 3 days!!!

Lily getting a pedicure from Keaton at Boss & Nonnie's Thanksgiving

Now- to where I meant to start- Thanksgiving Day at my mom & dad's house with the Taylor side of the family...

I will try not to wait this long between posts again, Gramma! I love you!!!
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

MeMoRY LaNe...

I spent way too long on the computer scanning old pictures. But it was worth are a few of my favorites- This one is of Marcey & I *Sundance Square* 1994 My favorite funny friend, Wes Encalade at our Kojie/ Moonie Lock-In senior year at ACU & at Sooner Youth Camp 1995 (I think) he was my Sadie Hawkins date-
My sweet fatty boom-ba-latty friend- Kristy Taylor. Only Kristy, my family & Megan Thurman will think that is funny... This was taken at church (Pleasant Ridge) senior year.
Marcey & I- Her 17th birthday!!
The Women of Ko Jo Kai after we sang the Kojie song at my wedding...Julia & I in our twin bargain shirts after outlet shopping in Branson- senior year ACU
In Julia's wedding- right before the I Do's!
at Mandy Barrow's bridal luncheon
This one has to be in my top 10 fav. pics!!! Summer & I in San Diego March 1997

I had several more that I love!!! I will have to get back to work! Until then... Have a GREAT day friends!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008

TriCK oR TReaT... SmELL mY FeeT!!!

I wa very proud of my home made "Hobo" outfit for Jack. I think he was proud of it too! be sure to read his sign. Hayden & Lily Kate

Robin & I (she is pregnant with twins!!!)