Saturday, February 23, 2008


Yes- Valentine's Day was WAY over a week ago.
But because I blog mostly for myself- I want to remember a few things.
I spent the night before dipping strawberries in chocolate for 2 class parties.
Donald woke up crazy early that morning and went into the church- where I work.
He left a huge helium heart balloon tied to a cool new purse.
That was such a great surprise for me when I got there.
While he was out- he also picked up heart-shaped donuts for the kids.
What a romantic! What a cool dad!
The kids had great parties. The strawberries were a hit!
All in all a fun day!
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Saturday, February 9, 2008


Coach Donald & the Celtics
3-1 season so far!!!

I have a crush on the coach!

Donald also coaches Ethan's team- the Jazz! They, too, are 3-1! Way to go boys!

Happy Birthday Keaton Laurel!!!

Wish we could be there to spank you on your birthday!
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"Piper is still 5!"

"Hey Piper- How old are you today?"

I love this picture. Sarah & I (the moms) were very artsy fartsy together growing up-so, I love it that our 'lil girls are the same way... This is the crafty birthday present that Lily Kate gave Piper Ann.

Piper's Party- Stork Style!

Check out Piper covering her ears in the above picture while we "sing" her the Birthday Song.
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Friday, February 8, 2008

LiLy KaTe + MoLLy + JaCK + eLi =

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I do my little thing on the catwalk!

My friend, Laurie, owns a children's boutique. She asked Lily Kate to model clothes with her daughter, Molly, from her store in a fashion show. The fashion show was a fund raiser put on by our Chamber of Commerce. It was incredibly cute! It was emceed (spelling???) by Deborah Ferguson from the NBC 5 morning news. I am a nerd, but I thought it was so cool that the news lady was talking about Lily- her clothes, where she goes to school, etc. There were a lot of people there- I was proud that she did not cry (Lily- not the News Lady). She is still not feelin' so hot.
The funny thing is- if you ask Lily Kate about her day today- she would say- Mrs. Laurie bought me a new Barbie. That was her fav. part (& playing with Molly all day, too, of course!)
Molly & Lily Kate had their picture taken with Miss Parker Co. Peach Queen

The "News Lady" talking about the girls as they hurry off stage...
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Thursday, February 7, 2008


Jack & Lil' are home sick from school today. They both have fevers they can't kick, a nasty cough & Lily is feeling quesy. You know what is sad- I like it when my kids are sick & I'm not! It is like I am given a "free day". I am staying home from work & I have time to do things at home I did not have time for before- like blogging obviously. We get to cuddle all day & we may all have a family sleep session on my big bed before I go pick Ethan up. What a life (for me, that is- they feel like poo)!
Random picture-
Robin emailed this to me today. I think I will quit exercising & go this route instead!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Piper es Cinco!

It's my best friend's birthday!
I stole this picture from Sarah's blog.
I can't take my own until we get to party with her on Saturday!
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Post with no pictures- What!?@!
Okay- I have been such a baby lately. I think it must be the cold weather- I have been having a week-long pity party for myself. I have been feeling like a wife & mom on "auto-pilot".
My friend, Lisa, sent me an email with the above link attached to it. It was just what I needed.
My whole life- I just wanted to be a mom. I have been drawing house floorplans & naming my kids since I was 12 (with Kristy & Marcey). I have what I always wanted! My resolution is to slow down & enjoy this season of my blessed life!
*Sidenote-while blog browsing- I saw that my friend Juli Beth (sidebar) has started the total money makeover. I think I am going to try it, too. I have always known about this guy, but never commited to the program. Wish me luck!
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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Merrick!!!

My sweet friend Mandy's baby girl- isn't she lovely!
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Friday, February 1, 2008

No title is coming to mind because I have lost it (my mind- that is)!

Random thoughts-
Today- I feel a litle bit like running away. Of course- I will take Donald & the kids with me.
I think I am tired of being a grown up. I think I won't clean or pay the bills for a while & see if that makes me feel better.
I actually googled "high salary part time jobs" today for Donald.
I am turning in to one of those mom's that is late, forgets to turn things in, packs crazy things in their lunch boxes b/c there is no time to go to the store to buy bread.
We were 15 min. late for church on Sunday & after we arrived- I remembered that I was supposed to teach the 2nd grade class for my friend Amber. Ahhh! I hate being late- that is so not like me.
(the above pictures are my first attempt to play with my new light set- "traveling studio")
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