Saturday, March 29, 2008

8 CRaZY YeaRS!

MaRCH 30th-
Today is my Jackie's 8th birthday! We partied on Friday night at Incredible Pizza. Remind me never to go there again. I am just kidding. We had a GREAT time! It was just completely crazy on a Friday night- with 8 kids (mostly cousins)!
He had fun & that is all that matters.
So- this is my "Ode to Jack" post-

This picture was taken the month before J was born in Abilene. My college friends were all at ACU for Sing Song. (Jenn, me, Summer, Heather, Julia)
Ethan & Lily Kate were induced. But- with Jack... I got to have all the drama. My water broke in the middle of the night- we rushed to the hospital. I was still upbeat when we arrived- my nurses thought I had just had an "accident". I showed them!
It was such a fun day- tons of friends came to the hospital to meet sweet Jack!
This picture was taken by Sarah when she came to stay with Ethan while we rushed in. I do look too happy to be in labor. (I think I look the same- I still wear those glasses, but Donald looks way younger.)

First Year Collage

Almost 2- I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Check out those eyes!

8 things we LOVE about our 8 year old boy...
1. He needs his morning shower. Every night before bed he lays out his clothes for the next day. He actually lays them out like a person laying on the floor. He is the first one to jump out of bed- sleep walks to my bath tub & gets in. Every day.
2. He loves little kids & they love him back. He is a favorite in the pre-school area at church.
3. He is still my "baby". I love that he still looks at me with that gushy "I love my mom" look.
4. He is very smart- naturally. I can only imagine what he will be when he grows up. As of today- he wants to be an inventor.
5. His personality- how can he make such great jokes at such a young age?
6. Donald loves that he is so cuddly. He gets his cuddles where he can. (I am not much of a cuddler. I know that is bad, but I like my space.)
7. His eyes- need we say more?
8. He is very independent. Kinda nerdy to make the birthday post, but he is. He is organized, and he likes to be. He makes his label maker usin' mom proud!
We love you so much Jack. You are a blessing to us in every way!

Jack & his buddies at midnight- still going strong!
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Interview with the BIRTHDAY GIRL-

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY, Katie Belle!

Why did your mom & dad name you "Lily"? named after a flower
What is your favorite color? red
Why? b/c red is beautiful
What do you like to do after school? get in my pj's & watch a movie
What is your very favorite food? candy & oranges
What are you going to be when you grow up? mermaid or photographer or teach swimming lessons
Are you going to get married someday? yes & I wanna get married to (not going to put the name in print)
Where do you want to go on vacation? Disney Land
What is your favorite toy? Kit & Nicki (American girls)
What do you hope will be in heaven with you (besides mom & dad)? Jesus
What is your favorite movie? Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
Favorite song? Hannah Montana "Best of Both Worlds"
What is your favorite thing about birthdays? "playing with my cousins & Molly & Nana, eating cheesecake, not happy cause Piper did not come. It's not fun to be at school when you turn 5 'cept we had donuts."

Lily Kate's First Year in pictures... I love this picture! I love that Jack was holding her like that & neither one of them cares. Apparently- I didn't care either.
I just took a picture instead of "fixing" her.
12 weeks
First Halloween "Fairy" (costume made by Summer Walters)
8 months
Already 5- Time does fly by fast when you are having fun!
We love you precious girl!
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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Disclaimer: This may seem like a crazy amount of pictures to you (the reader), but to me (the mom) it is not enough. In 3 days we celebrated Lily Kate's 5th Birthday, participated in LTC (Dallas), and had the traditional Easter-fest with Donald's side of the family...

Day 1- American Girl Boutique & Bistro (Dallas)We were so glad Nana came to "party" with us.

Ethan & Jack under their favorite picture

Lily Kate brought her friend, Molly, along. They were way too cute! We all had so much fun at the boutique, but if you are going to go-
be sure to make reservations to eat at the Bistro. It was the icing on the cake.
I am not sure if the boys will admit it, but they had fun, too! Right as we were seated at the Bistro- the waiter left these games for the boys to keep them entertained.
The food was delicious!
This was the doll that Lily had been "dreaming about". She decided on Kit. She is adorable!
I definitely pushed the American Girl thing on her.
My sisters & I all had one when we were little-so, I get to be a little girl all over again with her.
Hey, Donald got to re-live the Spiderman & Star Wars days with the boys. This is only fair!
Now, on to LTC (Leadership Training for Christ)

Lily, Molly & Sawyer in our hotel room
Jack, Ethan & Keaten eating pizza in the hallway (probably because they did not want to hang out with the above in the hotel room! or vice versa)
What I did not get pictures of was Ethan competing in the Bible Bowl competition. He did really well!
And... the Night Time Swim Session that took place afterwards. I did not bring swimsuits- so, all 3 kids swam in their clothes. It was great!
3-12 grade Large Chorus
Now- off to Easter in Star,TX
On your mark... get set... Go!!!
The Hunt is on...

Ethan & his sweet cousin, Lori. They are 3 months apart!

Boss & Nonnie
The Cousins
The parents trying to recreate the cousin picture, but there was alot more- "Hurry up & take the picture. My knees hurt. I'm slipping..." I was one of the whiners for sure.
Aunt Teresa made Jack & Lily a birthday cake. It was precious!
Their birthdays are 5 days apart- so, they are doomed to forever share a cake.
It would not be Easter (or any other family get together where Newtons are present) if a game of "42" was not played! Jack gets so in to it!
More to come next weekend when we "party" for Jack's birthday!
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

LiLy KaTe LooSeS a TooTH

Can you believe it!? I think she's too young to be loosing teeth. She's not even 5 yet. I have heard funny things about kids who loose teeth early or late. She also walked too early (for my taste). What does this mean?
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Monday, March 17, 2008

HaPPy 31st BiRTHDaY To Me!

Laura had posted this picture on her blog for me today- it is of my 30th birthday... isn't she sweet
Happy 100th post to my blog! How weird that I happen to tell myself "happy birthday" with my 100th post! It is going to be a fun day- I can feel it!

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Friday, March 14, 2008

THe 9 (i MeaN 8) PLaNeTS

Lily Kate's class was assigned an oral report on the planets. Each kiddo had to look up information about their given planet & stand up in front of their class + parents and give their report. They are 4. I was amazed at how easily Lily could memorize information. (You can read what she said above.) The whole thing was pretty cute. Mrs. Rachel dressed up in a dress with planets all over it. She looked just like Mrs. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus. Oh- how I would love to spend an afternoon in Rachel's closet. She has an outfit/ costume for EVERYTHING! She is hilarious!
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Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way...

Lily Kate & her boys- Major & Jonah

The Hunt is on-

Lily's friend Madison came home with us from school today. These girls are too funny together. They are both pretty athletic. Madison- in a basketball kind of way & Lily- in a "no fear " kind of way. I also think they are a little competitive. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. They were quite sweaty after their play time.

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